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                您好,歡迎訪問嘉倉網!專業的倉庫出租、倉庫租賃、廠房租售◣平臺 登錄|註冊|聯系嘉不答應倉網|網站地圖





                JC Industrial Real Estate (below JC in short) is a boutique brokerage firm focusing on workshop, warehouse and business park office leasing and purchasing in The Yangtze River Delta. We provide services by using online service guide, option search and transaction application etc., combined offline one stop solution. The solution includes market analysis, option selection, site visit, negotiation till sign contract after having appointment from client.

                There are a good number of professional real estate brokers working for JC who once worked for worldwide famous agent firms like Cushman Wakefield. The solid track record combined localized landlord resources now at JC could provide our client an excellent experience as well as result.

                We understand the industrial market is fluctuating so good connection with both large landlords and small owners all important. Besides we are flexible to cooperate with other brokerage firms and individuals, which would benefit our client ultimately.

                In our Chinese website, the client could use search engine to obtain all the available options in store by submitting their requirements. When found suitable options, you can easily get in touch with our service team for site visit or any inquiry. If there is no suitable option, you can input your specific requests and we will come back to you soon within 24 hours. For English request, here we only opened this single page for introduction. We are warm welcome you to email us your request and looking forward to being your real estate partner.

                In your potential request email, please indicate the below major items. Thanks.

                1. Type of property (Workshop, Warehouse or Business Park)
                2. Usage of the property / project brief
                3. Size (sq. m or sq. feet, please specify)
                4. Location (City & District or distance from current location if that is expansion or relocation)
                5. Ceiling height (Meter)
                6. Loading weight (Ton)
                7. Single floor only or accept 2-3 storey? (If you need office, which floor range you prefer)
                8. Single tenant property only or accept Multi-tenant Park?
                9. Parking request (cargo & car)
                10. Timeline (time to move in)
                11. Budget
                12. Company registration and investment plan
                13. Others

                CONTACT WITH US

                Mr. Wei


                Email: chen-yuehong@outlook.com